Fig and Proscuitto Pizza

We have an ongoing pizza battle in our house. My NY born and raised Italian husband is what you might call picky with pizza. And with the credentials I’ve just listed, it’s justified. Few places in Boston can measure up. I’ve never been a fan of pizza; tomato and mozzarella on squishy dough never really did it for me. Closest I’d get growing up was Hawaiian – you know, with pineapple – (OUTRAGEOUS to the hubs), but in my adult life, I’ve found love in pizza with non-traditional toppings.

This is one of those pizza flavor combos that’s everywhere now, but that’s because it’s DAMN GOOD. We buy our dough from the local pizza shop or Italian market, and have cooked it a few different ways. In the oven, on the grill, on the smoker – all are great. This one is particularly easy since everything is cooked stovetop or put on the pizza fresh.

-pizza dough from your favorite local place
-a little flour, and some cornmeal if you have it
-fig spread (can get this anywhere!)
-1 yellow onion
-prosciutto, sliced
-crumbled gorgonzola cheese
-fresh arugula

Caramelize the onions in a skillet with a little olive oil. Make sure you give them enough time to really turn brown and sweet. Mix in a few heaping spoonfuls of fig spread and let it reduce just a little. This will make a thick sweet paste. Flour your hands and roll out your pizza dough onto a cornmeal or floured pan. Spread your onion & fig paste, tear the prosciutto and sprinkle over, and pop it in the oven until your dough is how you like it. Once it’s ready, sprinkle the Gorgonzola and arugula over top. The sweet fig and onions, salty prosciutto, tangy cheese, and peppery arugula are a great mix. Our go-to everyone-agrees pizza!

Yes I think I’ll make this today.

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Sake Shioyaki (Salt-baked Salmon)



I wasn’t planning on posting this but I needed a quick and easy dinner last night for me and the man while we did a 3D Marvel Superheroes puzzle (seriously) and defaulted to another thing we ate so often growing up – shioyaki. Shioyaki just means “salt grilled” in Japanese and you can do it with any type of fish, but we like salmon. It’s so easy that there isn’t even really a recipe, but here goes. 

-Start with 2 salmon filets and cut each in half to make 4 pieces of the size pictured above. We each only ate one and the rest is leftovers. I LOVE cold leftover shioyaki but I’m also kind of a freak.

-While the oven is preheating to 350, cover all sides of the salmon pieces in salt. Don’t be afraid to lay it on there. It’ll make a delicious salty crust when cooked. 

-Put the salmon on tin foil (or a baking sheet if you’re fancy) skin side up for maximum crispiness. Let it cook for about 12 minutes, depending on how done you like your salmon. 

We ate ours with white rice, lemony sauteed kale, and a healthy sprinkling of togarashi on top – a spice mix that I use in EVERYTHING. 

Hopefully the future of this blog is more recipes new and old, with better quality photos than these iPhone snaps.



see! i wasn’t kidding about the puzzle.