About the Sisters: Nik and Kris

No chefs in this kitchen. But as a food-lovin’ Mama of 2 and a capricious nomad; we’re on a quest to explore our heritage through the flavors of our childhood, and to take the recipes with us. Being Irish/Japanese mutts growing up in the Pacific Northwest (both now in Boston), there is no common theme here. Heavy on the Japanese flavors, heavy on the seafood, heavy on the produce is how we were raised. Consider this our family recipe box. Mish mosh. Like us.

Nik is the older sister, a 30-something wife and Mama. I’ll be adding recipes that are healthy and realistic, meaning no elaborate prep or extensive ingredient list. For me, fish and earthy produce are king. (Also, pilfering the inlaws for amaing Italian recipes!)

Kris is the younger sister, a 20-something creative spirit who actually has a little experience in the restaurant world. I’ll be adding recipes that are perfect for dinner parties, and are occasionally very bad for you (because bad tastes good).

But basically, we’re just hungry.


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